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Book your next trip! We provide you with affordable bus services around Malta and Gozo.


Why travel with us?

Our expertise

We have been in the business since the 80s and thus we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to smooth and enjoyable transportation for our clients.

Our tour guides

If you want to see as well as find out facts about our beautiful islands, our tour guides will provide you with an exceptional tour, highlighting the best assets Malta & Gozo can present.

Fully air-conditioned

Whether you are touring the island in summer or in winter, you will be comfortable in our buses as our vehicles are fully air-conditioned in order to provide you with a comfortable ride.

Souvenir Bus

Our company believes that our previous traditional buses used to play a major part in giving us our Maltese identity. Today the Maltese bus or as it is locally known as “Ix-Xarabank”, has become a historical attraction further to the government decision back in 2010 to replace our public transport system with Arriva. We believe in preserving our Maltese identity, thus we thought of converting our Xarabank into a souvenir shop from which one can acquire a myriad of Maltese souvenirs, both locally manufactured as well as imported ones. Our clients do so while experiencing the unique characteristics of a Maltese bus, the way it used to be. The Malta souvenir bus has become a souvenir in itself and our tourists should not only visit us in order to acquire souvenirs for their loved ones but also to be in touch and become part of our history making it a memory in their camera roll.

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Our Services

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Souvenir Bus

Our souvenir bus provides you with a look at a traditional Maltese bus as well as a choice of souvenirs inside.



We offer day and night excursions around the island. Our tourists can move from one place to the other once in Malta and enjoy various sites in this beautiful island of ours with the comfort of an air-conditioned coach with chauffeur service at their disposal for the whole day.

other transport

Other Transportation

We also provide all sorts of transport even locally. From cabs to coaches, whether it is a conference, an outing between friends or daily trips, we can make it happen!

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Coaches in Gozo

If you are in Gozo and you’re looking for a guided tour around the beautiful quiet island, contact us today!

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Airport - Hotel

We also offer 24/7 airport transfers for your convenience.


We can pick you up from our port, off from your magical cruiseliner adventure.

Our coaches are authorised to pick clients from our Valletta port quays. If you are on your cruise liner having the holiday of your life with a stop in Malta, we would be more than happy to pick you up and provide you with a good showcase of our beautiful island.

We have been in the business since the 80s and throughout the years Cancu Coaches has been a huge part of the development of the transport industry in Malta. We still think that our traditional buses are a major tourist attraction, that is why we offer our clients the opportunity to board the much loved Malta buses.

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