About Ċanċu Coaches

Cancu Coaches has been in the transportation business since the 80s and through the years we have gained a great amount of experience and we have been a part of the development of the transportation industry in Malta. All this experience enables us to provide our clients with excellent 24/7 service for their convenience.


We also make sure that we provide them with competitive prices so that everyone can benefit from our services. We keep on investing in our business by updating our vehicles and in fact over the years we have equipped ourselves with modern air-conditioned vehicles so that no matter the season, everyone can be comfortable and enjoy their ride.


These vehicles offer various seating capacities and so we can offer our services for both small and larger groups. When you choose Cancu Coaches you can also be able to ride on the traditional Maltese bus, ‘Xarabank’, or purchase some souvenirs from a traditional Maltese bus known as l L-ISKAFI that we have changed into a souvenir shop. The comfort and safety of all our clients is always our main objective and no matter which service they choose we will always make sure that the ride is smooth and enjoyable.